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Love of beauty is taste and the creation of beauty is an art called makeup. It has so many flavors and shades to make you look more beautiful at every age. Angsa Emas Beaute is a collaboration project with product & marketing specialist, Mr. Hassanaim Fauzi.

Founded in August 2017, Angsa Emas Beaute is the new brand in cosmetic world which is increasingly getting attention, in-line with its quality. We offers the coolest foundation for stylish women who appreciate fashion and beauty.

Harga Emas Hari Ini Emas 916 Emas 999
Mr. Hassanaim Fauzi

With only 10 agent recruited just before the launching, now our team has our sales team has grow to almost 160 active reseller at stockist and agent level.

We offer products to unleash your beauty, consist of foundation, face cleanser and pure vitamin C.


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