Angsa Emas Jewellery

About us

Times have changed and so has the jewellery industry.

Becoming the first Shariah Compliant certified jewellery company in Malaysia, Angsa Emas Jewellery is honoured to comply with general conditions of sale and purchase, conditions for gold as a ribawi item and halal method of payment. Founded in 2016 with a hands-on, energetic and incredible group of diverse talents led by Dato Zulhimi Mukhtar and Datin Normadora Mohd Nor, the business goal was to fill the space between large network giants and local shops.

Being well versed in the art of jewellery business, Angsa Emas Jewellery focuses on modern, minimalised and exclusive jewellery design. Angsa Emas Jewellery’s success achievement is also due to constant innovation and exploring undiscovered exquisite designs while maintaining quality standards. Realising that products made from silver and platinum had been popular in the global jewellery industry, Angsa Emas Jewellery took the opportunity to bring modern design to the Malaysian market with the use of 22 karat (916 gold).

With the image of a classy and outstanding brand, Angsa Emas Jewellery thrives to deliver high exclusivity of jewellery to fly high across the world.